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Entry #6

I'm Back! well almost.

2013-02-23 18:02:34 by DannX3anim8ion

So i'm back just in time for NATA 2013 which i hope to participate in!
my computer has been well, difficult and its been unusable for a bit. (i will be picking it up this week)
i've recently started painting so ill post those sometime on here.
but heck, its good to be back to good o'l NG hope i didn't miss too much :D!


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2013-02-23 18:04:15

Good luck dude. No site is better than NG (or maybe there is one)

DannX3anim8ion responds:

Hey thanks :D
but to your comment about NG
there isn't! Or at least in my opinion there isn't!
Love this damn site!