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I'm Back! well almost.

2013-02-23 18:02:34 by DannX3anim8ion

So i'm back just in time for NATA 2013 which i hope to participate in!
my computer has been well, difficult and its been unusable for a bit. (i will be picking it up this week)
i've recently started painting so ill post those sometime on here.
but heck, its good to be back to good o'l NG hope i didn't miss too much :D!


2012-10-29 20:17:07 by DannX3anim8ion

I haven't been animating.
i try to plan ahead too much when i should just be getting stuff done.
I was going to start a series soon.
but i thought of a really good idea for something else.
I need to contain my ideas.
I hope to go with the new idea, then start the series i've been planning.
but who knows...

NATA intermediate round

2012-07-07 13:54:03 by DannX3anim8ion

Oh boy, well here is my nata entry for a true companion.
I really hadn't worked on this and the direction is unclear and the animation looks horrible. It was supposed to be 4th of july themed and posted on the 4th, a british and an american guy are friends but just really competitive or something along the lines of that. But anyway seeing as it is Coughing-Dog is going to proceed to the next round, which i'm not to shocked or disappointed about. NATA was fun, and i was never in it to win it, i got what i wanted a fun time and some exposure. (and heck i even made a little cash on the side XD). Well in a few days i'm going to get started on a new short here's a sketch of the main character.

NATA intermediate round

So! i got in NATA and im pretty psyched, im going to need some voice actors for my next entry so if your intrested click here for more info.
if you want to see the short that got me in check it out here

NATA 2012

2012-05-02 20:57:51 by DannX3anim8ion

HEY GUYS! im entering nata and my animation should be out in a week so look forward to that i guess if you care about my stuffs. so yep thanks and stuff bye.

NATA 2012


2011-12-18 10:30:06 by DannX3anim8ion

Finally i have enough for the cintiq 12 WX ive been saving up for!
More animations drawn hell of a lot better are going to be made.
Steve Machine music video from the albumSoda EP
A new series about time travel and robots and stuff (which doesnt exactly have a name yet XD)
Takeover (still undecided about this, if its made its a Short maybe like 3 part series thing based on this mmo called graal online, well mostly based on the players of the game)
Enderman Movers (minecraft short)
The last slice ( a short animation about me and my brother fighting in a somewhat tom and jerry like way)
Ive got a lot planned since i wont have to draw with a mouse anymore so yeh :V